Bonnie and Clyde Vs. Dracula
Co-Producer / Actor:  Jennifer Friend
Director: Timothy Friend
Director of Photography: Todd Norris

  • A feature-length action-horror film set in 1933 Platte County, Missouri; Currently in post-production
  • 14 days of filming completed with HD VariCams and equipment provided by Outpost Studios; Filmed on location in St. Joseph and Weston, Missouri in July 2007
  • Expected completion in January 2008; Seeking distribution

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Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula combines the rough and tumble world of 1930’s era gangster movies with the gothic atmosphere of a classic horror film. When a robbery goes bad and one of their companions is shot, Bonnie & Clyde (portrayed by Los Angeles-based actors Tiffany Shepis and Trent Haaga) are forced to seek help at the mansion of the crazed Dr. Loveless.  But Loveless has a secret.  Deep in his cellar, the recently revived Dracula awaits…