Co-Screenwriter / Producer / Actor:  Jennifer Friend
Director: Timothy Friend
Director of Photography: Todd Norris

  • A gothic horror feature film completed in March 2006
  • Official Selection - April 2006 Jubilee Film Festival
  • Grand Award Finalist - September 2006 American Artist Film Festival
  • DVD Released May 8, 2007 by Maxim Media International
  • Film broadcast on Horror Zone channel in Great Britain

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Cinderella gets a make-over in this dark tale of love, murder, revenge and the walking dead. This gothic fairy tale features Cinder, a young woman with troubles. She has a wicked step-stripper for a mom, her prince charming is a complete psycho and her "Fairy Godmother" is actually the voodoo god, Baron Samedi.

Worst of all, she's been murdered. But Cinder doesn't intend to let a little thing like being dead stop her; she's got places to go and people to kill. And... she only has until midnight!